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"It's like a whole new game!" - Simon

"It's absolutely nothing like Minecraft or WoW!" - Lewis

Overview Edit

Yogventures! is the official video game of the Yogscast, a group of YouTubers whose Minecraft series made them go viral.  The game was officially announced in a YouTube video hosted by BlueXephos (the Yogscast's main channel) on 6th April 2012, which displayed around 4 minutes of gameplay in a pre-alpha early-development 0.1 state. The video shows a working death system, zombie enemy mob and the ability to use explosives to destroy player-made and natural parts of the landscape. 

Needless to say, it is all very basic at the moment, and has remained very basic for more than a year. The game is currently under development by Winterkewl Games LLC, an enirely reputable game development company which nobody has heard of. It relies heavily on community support and donations.

(EDIT) - In a development that absolutely nobody foresaw(!), the game was canceled in July 2014. Kris Vale, of Winterkewl Games, blamed the Yogscast. The Yogscast blamed Winterkewl. Fans of the Yogscast blamed the evil influence of Israphel.

Features That Were PlannedEdit

The sandbox game is to be primarily a multiplayer experience. Winterkewl Games intends to include the following:

• Beautiful, randomly-generated game worlds that are different every time you load the game. (As of Version 0.1, the game takes approximately fifteen minutes to load.)

• Fully shapeable terrain - with the ability for players to raise a mountain range or create a vast ocean; you can effortlessly shape your world however you imagine it.

• Easy-to-use in-game modding API including in-game scripting

• Ability for modders to have a chance to get their work added to the game

• Regularly released video updates from the developers including the latest feature additions

• A variety of features that have never been seen, in any game, ever before! These include:

  • An underground landscape to explore
  • Rare outcroppings of gems and crystals
  • Dark underground terrors that drop loot
  • A fully-fleshed out crafting system
  • The ability to customise your own unique avatar or play as one of your favourite Yogscast characters