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  • Horakoeri

    The waiting!!!

    April 21, 2012 by Horakoeri

    After I first heard of the Yogventures video game all I could think of was 'hell yeah!'. Lewis defined their game perfectly, you can blow shit up, dig holes and explore worlds. I'm very curious to see how the game will look like in it's beta/alpha version(s) and how well it will be accepted by players. I'm sure many gamers will see this game as a detailed rip-off of Minecraft and make sure everyone sees their critique, but hey, life is hard, deal with it.

    I myself don't care wether or not it's heavily inspired by Minecraft, it will give the familiar feel and that's what will make many people accept the game. I hope that the Yogscast would (still) accept ideas (as I'm sure people have sent them ideas already) to help in the development of th…

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